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Real Foods You Can Re-grow from Scraps to Get Endless Supply

We all agree that foods are expensive. So, why buying when you can grow certain foods yourself?

Look no further than your own trash bin and grow them from scraps that you would normally throw away. And the good news is; you only need a jar and some water to get started. Reduce waste, save money, and provide your own nutrition by growing your own real foods.
Here are some real foods that you can re-grow from scraps to get endless supply:
Avocado Clean avocado seeds under cold water and towel off. Push 4 toothpicks into the seed spaced evenly apart and use them to balance the seed over a wide-mouthed jar or dish. Make sure the seed is pointy-side-up.
Fill the dish or jar with enough water that the seed is half submerged. Place the jar in a sunlit area, and change the water daily. After 3-6 weeks the seed will split. After several more weeks a stem will begin to grow.
In approximately 3 months your tree will be about 7 inches tall. Plant it in a 10-inch pot that has adequate drainage.
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