Savor the Red Wine and Stay Healthy At the Same Time

Be prepared, you’re about to learn how your wine-drinking ritual can be a powerful health elixir.

Wine, especially the red one, has been studied extensively over many years resulting an impressive finding: Moderate wine consumption is good for the health.

The health effects of wine are mainly stem from resveratrol. Some plants make resveratrol to fight off bacteria and fungi, to withstand a droughtor lack of nutrients, and to protect themselves from ultraviolet irradiation.Red wine contains more resveratrol than white wine because it is fermented with the skins (white wine is not). Most of the resveratrol in grapes is in the seeds and skin.Red and purple grapes, blueberries, cranberries, mulberries, peanuts, and pistachios are rich in resveratrol.

Red wine also contains procyanidins to keep the blood vessels healthy. Red wine made in the traditional way has much higher levels of procyanidins than other wines.

So, what doesmoderate wine-drinking (especially the red variety) do to your health?

1.  Promotes longevity
2.  Reduces risk of depression
3.  Prevents colon cancer
4.  Anti-aging
5.  Prevents breast cancer
6.  Prevents dementia
7.  Protects from severe sunburn
8.  Regulates blood sugar levels without drugs
9.  Protects the brain from stroke damage
10. Improves lung function and prevents lung cancer
11. Raises levels of omega-3 fatty acids
12. Prevents liver disease
13. Protects from prostate cancer
14. Prevents type 2 diabetes
15. Reduces heart-attack risk
16. Lowers risk of heart disease
17. Lowers risk of stroke
18. Promotes healthy eyes
19. Lowers cholesterol
20. Slows brain decline

But please bear in mind that those health benefits are for moderate drinking of red wine. Drinking too much can lead to some consequences for your health like:

• depression
• mental health problems
• cardiomyopathy
• arrhythmias
• stroke
• hypertension
• fatty liver
• alcoholic hepatitis
• cirrhosis
• several cancers
• pancreatitis

How much wine you can drink in before the health benefits turn into dangers depends on many factors, including the person’s size, age, gender, body stature and general state of health, as well as whether it is being consumed with food or on an empty stomach.

Since women absorb alcohol more rapidly than men because of their lower body water content and different levels of stomach enzymes, moderate wine consumption will be in a lower amount for women than for men(up to one drink per day for women and one to two drinks per day for men in a four-ounce glass).

So, raise that glass of wine, clink it, and cheers!!


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