10 Healthy Bread Alternatives for Your Sandwiches

Some people ban bread in their diet in order to reduce the carbs and others because of gluten avoidance. But, no bread doesn’t mean no sandwiches, does it? Below are some bread alternative ideas for your sandwiches. You can kiss those breads goodbye now.

Slice a tomato and stuff with your fillings of choice! The trick is removing the seeds to prevent the juice running out when you bite it.

Portabello Mushroom
Grilled portabello mushrooms provide savory bread substitute for sandwiches.

Hollowed out cucumbers make another one-ingredient shell for sandwich fillings. Looks refreshing.

Lettuce is a great substitution for bread or wraps. You can fill it with toppings like meat or veggies. The leaf can also be used as a wrap to hold everything together.

Grilled 2 pieces of eggplant and stuff it with tomato, raw goat cheese, mushrooms, basil and avocado. Nice!

To satisfy a wrap craving, try rolling up a Plantain Tortilla.

Bell Pepper
For a colorful and crunchy bread alternative, try slices of bell pepper. Who knew that a red pepper could hold so much?

Tempeh bread is cripsy and chewy. It’s high in proteins and low in carbs and makes a fantastic alternative to bread.

Sweet Potatoes
Cooked sweet potato slices make an excellent and tasty substitute for bread buns, especially with burgers.

When lightly fried, Koya tofu turns crispy and crunchy and a brilliant substitute for lame old bread.

photo: myvacationhaven.com

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