7 Reasons Why You Should Give Infused Water a Try

Have you heard of or tried infused water before?

Infused water can generally be any combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs immersed in cold water. Although it’s not impossible to have hot infused water drinks. Infused water is also called detox water, fruit flavored water, or fruit infused water.

Water is our body’s source of life. Being hydrated not only improves our health and naturally flushes toxins out of our body, but water also keeps our skin plump and elastic. But sometimes we just got bored of drinking only pure water alone.

By adding a few slices of fruit or vegetable into our daily intake of water, we can benefit the mind, body, and soul at the same time. This hydrating beverage will nourish our body and delight our senses. As an added bonus, infused water has the sweet fruit flavors of fruit juice without the extra calories or sugar.

Here are 7 reasons why you should give infused water a try:

Slow the aging process

Infused water contains powerful antioxidants that slow aging and fight free radical damage. They also increase collagen production, leaving your skin smooth and silky. If you start drinking infused water today, you’ll look and feel younger within weeks.

Boost metabolism
The active compounds in fruit speed up metabolism, causing your body to burn more calories throughout the day. For example, lemon water is well-known for its metabolism boosting effects. This refreshing drink energizes your body and promotes fat loss.

Maintain body weight
Infused water is more filling and nutritious than plain water. It also contains fewer calories and sugar than soft drinks. Some fruits suppress your appetite and reduce cravings. By drinking fruit infused water, you’ll have more control over your weight and feel full longer between meals.

Keep you hydrated
Hydration is without a doubt one of the biggest benefits of drinking infused water. Coffee, exercise, alcohol, and medications can dehydrate you. By drinking more water, you’ll be able to counteract this. Thus, your body will be able to transport nutrients and oxygen much better.

Energize you up
This high-vitamin drink provides explosive energy. It’s particularly good for athletes, fitness buffs, and active people. Infused water can successfully replace sports drinks. It’s healthier, safer, and has a better taste. Not to mention its antioxidant and electrolyte power!

Flush out toxins
Due to its high antioxidant content, infused water cleanses your body and helps eliminate toxins. This beverage will keep your body hydrated and remove waste from your system. As a result, you’ll have a stronger immune system and enjoy better health.

Keep diseases away
Depending on the ingredients used, infused water may lower your risk of diabetes, obesity, cold, flu, and heart disease. Its natural compounds can help maintain body pH within the ideal range, which decreases your chances of developing cancer.

photo: fitnessmusthaves.com

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