How to Get the Most Out of Your Vitamin

We all want to keep our bodies healthy and strong. Sometimes diet alone isn't enough to meet the body's nutritional needs. That’s the reason why zillions of people around the world are taking multivitamins in the name of better health nowadays. Dietary supplements such as herbals, vitamins and minerals have become so mainstream that even some doctors are recommending them to their patients. Vitamins and supplements can make up for the gaps, as long as certain things are taken into consideration.

So, how do you know if you're getting the most out of your supplements?

There are many factors that determine a supplement's quality and absorption. Here are some things you should consider to improve the effectiveness of your vitamins:

Capsules, Tablets, or Liquid?

Capsules are usually more absorbable compared to tablets because they are easily broken down in the stomach. However, if tablets are made by a reputable company, they are just as absorbable as capsules. Liquid vitamins or minerals are the easiest to absorb, especially for children.

Filler Free

Look for multivitamins and all other supplement products that are free of binders, fillers, artificial colorings, preservatives, yeast, sugar, starch, hydrogenated oils or other additives for best results.


You should always take medication at least two hours away from any vitamins to avoid interactions. Consult with your pharmacist or doctor when beginning any new medical protocols.


Timing is everything. Some vitamins are better absorbed into the body if they are taken with food, while others work better on an empty stomach. According to the National Institutes of Health, taking vitamins in certain combinations can also make them more effective, though other combinations can result in decreased absorption.

Try to take your vitamins and minerals with food, but herbal supplements are best taken away from food, for optimal absorption and effect. Also be sure to take your vitamins away from a fiber supplement, as the combination of the two will decrease the overall absorption.

Lastly, best to check with your doctor to see if you need to be taking supplements at all, and if you do, which vitamins and how much of each are exactly you need to be taking to avoid you going over the top of the recommended dose of a certain vitamin.


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