Mixing Honey with Hot Liquid: Yes or No?

Honey, especially the natural one, is anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-viral. Honey can help improve overall health and recover from infections. All diet experts agree that honey holds the supremacy over other natural foods.

But did you know that mixing honey with hot liquid can make you lose its values?

According to Ayurvedic dietary principles, honey should never be heated to above 40°C (104°F) such as by adding to hot drinks or baking. It makes the all-important medicinal molecular structure of honey is changed irrevocably, making it indigestible.

To know that the temperature of your drink is below 40°C is when you can comfortably hold a sip of the drink in your mouth without burning your tongue.

While warm water is fine, mixing honey with hot liquid is a big no-no. So, if you are ever adding honey to a hot lemon drink or tea, that’s fine, but just wait until the water has cooled somewhat. Nicely warm, rather than boiling hot, before you add the honey.

Here are some more precautions lists to be taken before using honey:

  • Honey should not be mixed with hot foods.
  • Honey should not be heated.
  • Honey should not be consumed when you are working in hot environment where you are exposed to more heat.
  • Honey should never be mixed with rain water, hot, spicy foods, fermented beverages (whisky, rum, brandy), ghee, and mustard.
  • Honey includes nectar of various flowers of which some may be poisonous.
photo: davidwolfe.com

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