Recipe Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken may be cooked in lots of ways and these include roasted, grilling, deep frying, microwave oven cooking, and baking. Pan frying is an excellent cooking way of poultry as you may keep an eye on it although it cooks, unlike with roasted or baking. Pan frying does not take long along with plenty of professional chefs choose for this way of the most succulent poultry dishes.

With stir frying only somewhat fat is employed and with deep frying, lots of fat is used. For pan frying, you need to then add fat, but the good thing about it cooking process is that you can cook bigger pieces of meat, like pork chops or entire poultry breasts.

You can pan fry tasty dishes like poultry cordon bleu, southern fried poultry wings and more. If you wish to know how to pan fry poultry cordon bleu, the following formula is truly tasty and simple to make overly.

The following formula serves six and it excellent with a glass of Chardonnay. You may serve pan fried poultry cordon bleu as it's, or with a sauce. In this recipe, the poultry can be served with a creamy white wine along with basil sauce, which goes wonderfully with the poultry, ham and cheese flavors.

If you wish to, you can spread a bit Dijon mustard on the ham and cheese, before pulling on the chicken. Serve this cordon bleu formula with fresh veggies - maybe broccoli, carrots along with beans - along with either mashed potatoes or rice. Pound the chicken breasts to 1\/4 inch thick, and then put a slice of ham and a slice of cheese on each one, keeping them within half an inch of the edges.

Fold the poultry on the ham along with cheese along with use toothpicks to secure them. Blend the paprika along with flour along with coat the poultry pieces with it. Heat the butter on a medium high temperature in a big skillet.

Don't allow it get overly hot, else the outside the poultry will cook, and the inside will remain raw. Cook the poultry until it's browned all over, and after that add the broth and wine to the pan. Turn the heat down to low, cover the frying pan and simmer the poultry cordon bleu for 20 minutes or till the juices run clear and the poultry isn't pink inside. Take the toothpicks out from the poultry and keep it warm. Blend the cream along with cornstarch along with whisk them into the fluid in the skillet.

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