Tips to Keep Your Food Fresher for Longer

We inevitably face the need to keep our food at home for longer because not everybody has the means to go to the store each day. Making your food last longer will help you to avoid waste, shop less and cut your grocery-shopping bill. Here are some tips to keep your food fresher for longer:

Apples can be stored in the fridge for several months. Just make sure you don’t let them touch each other lest damage is done by such contact. You may wrap each of them in newspaper.

Don't separate bananas before eating. The trick to stop them going brown is to keep them together as long as possible. Wrap the stems of the bananas in clingfilm when you first buy them, and only snap one off when you're ready to eat it. This should give you 3-5 extra days of perfectly ripe banana.

Gardeners recommend storing carrots in sand. Sand decreases water evaporation and slows down rotting.

Wrap celery in foil. It lets the gas that spoils your celery escape, rather than trapping it like plastic, so the celery stays crisp long enough.

Break the eggs and pour their contents into an ice tray, adding a little salt or sugar (this will preserve their texture). Freeze them, then use as needed.

Fresh Greens
A glass jar is the best container for fresh herbs. Onion, garlic, or parsley will keep their flavor for a month when stored like this. The greens won’t spoil, wither, dry, or lose their aroma.

Freeze fresh milk and keep it in the freezer for 4 to 6 weeks. Pour out some milk before freezing, as it will increase in volume.

Keep mushrooms in a paper bag. Storing them this way keeps them clean and dry. But if you find them get too dry, you can give them a quick rinse in the sink and they'll plump right back up.

If you want your onions to last up to 8 months, all you need to do is grab a pair of panty-hose, place the onions in the panty-hose, and then tie a knot in between each one to keep them separate. Then hang this from the ceiling.

Apples are a potatoes best friend! Store potatoes with apples to keep them from sprouting, and don't let your potatoes anywhere near onions. Apples produce ethylene gas, which keeps potatoes fresher and firmer for a few weeks, while onions will make them go bad faster.

Pour leftover sauce into a storage bag and freeze them.

Don’t refrigerate your tomatoes. You'll kill their flavor, and their juicy texture doesn't survive so well in the cold either. To make the most of your tomatoes, keep them on a counter to allow them to ripen to their full potential.


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