What to Do to Live Congestion-Free

We all agree that stuffy nose is the most annoying and uncomfortable condition. And as we already discussed in the previous article, there are many natural and effective home remedies for it. In addition to those remedies, you could try utilizing some of these options to live congestion-free:

  • Elevate your head while sleeping.
  • Apply warm compresses to your face multiple times daily for 5 minutes each.
  • Try taking up to 1000mg of vitamin C 1-3 times daily. Vitamin C is an excellent immune booster and can help to fend off sinus infections.
  • Drink a lot of liquids to help moisturize your mucous membranes and to help wash away mucus out of your sinuses more quickly.
  • Clean your house, especially your bedroom. Using a HEPA filter air purifier will also be beneficial.
photo: newhealthadvisor.com

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