Lemon: DIY Beauty Treatment You Need to Stop Putting On Your Skin

You may have seen or read the use of lemon as DIY beauty treatment everywhere; from beauty magazines, bloggers, online forums, or YouTube gurus.

But did you know that this is ill-advised?

Many women turn to the juice of this citrus fruit to lighten dark spots and chemically exfoliate. But if you use lemon too frequently on your skin, you're running the risk of making your skin red. Lemon juice has a low pH of 2, meaning it's quite acidic, so it is typically more damaging than beneficial to the area you're trying to treat. Not only it can be irritating to your complexion, but can also cause an issue called phytophotodermatitis.

Lemons contain photosensitising compounds that react when exposed to sunlight, making skin exceptionally sensitive to UV rays. This leads to hyperpigmentation, or even oozing blisters and chemical burns, which would take months to heal.

If you want the benefits of lemons without the irritation, try an AHA toner with a pH between 3 and 4 -- still a low enough pH for an exfoliating effect, but not too low that your skin will freak.

If you still want to go the natural way, try blending a little bit of pineapple or papaya with plain unsweetened yogurt and applying it as a mask. This will exfoliate your skin gently with a combination of fruit enzymes and lactic acid.

photo: http://themastercleanse.org

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